RockPsychic - Location Selection and Clairsentient - Peru

RockPsychic - Location Selection and Clairsentient

RockPsychic - Location Selection, Clairsentient, Angel Communication in Peru. 30+ yrs, master psychic, energy reader (no cards, tools, or spirits needed), ordained minister/reverend, spiritual mentor, time shifting,teach psychic arts, life, love & well-being coach, chakras, accuracy, timelines, life mastery training, love, happiness, abundance. Radio/TV personality Hobbies: Find missing children, helping authorities, solving murders. Thurs Fri Sat Sun 10am -8pm EST Helping people to enhance the quality of their life and happiness.I love to use my psychic abilities and my enlightenment training to give people the knowledge they need to bring peace of mind and calmness to their anxieties. At the end of a private readi Suffering, sadness, empty box of chocolate, troublemakers, melted ice cream, overdraft, cactus spines, spilled coffee, mean people, sour milk, running late, dirt, spam, holes in socks, roaches, politics, dried mascara, body odor, greed, bad lipstick, chec Practice for 10 years.

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